Big Trees, Inc. is excited to announce a “tree care” partnership with Bartlett Tree Experts!

As Bartlett says “Exceptional Trees Deserve Exceptional Care” and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to providing the best care available to newly installed or transplanted trees by Big Trees, Inc. crews. Integrating professional tree care services into our residential and commercial projects provides a level of investment protection that assures newly installed trees will thrive.

The local Bartlett office is an accredited member of The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and has Arborist Representatives with membership in the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), including some who are ISA Board-Certified Master Arborists. This all means our clients and their trees have access to the best tree care professionals available.

With the backing of a national laboratory and research staff, Big Trees’ customers have access to fast and accurate fertilization and soil management analysis, two of the biggest variables when determining the correct aftercare treatments for trees. Testing and adjusting for the proper soil pH and organic matter are key to long-term tree health. Bartlett also provides the following important services to Puget Sound customers:

~Cabling and Bracing
~Drought Services
~Emergency Tree Service
~Fertilization and Soil Management
~Insect and Disease Management
~Lighting Protection
~Plant Analysis and Diagnostics
~Storm Damage
~Tree Inspections
~Tree Inventory
~Tree Removal
~Tree Structure Evaluation

With the help of the professionals at Bartlett Tree Experts, Big Trees can now quickly refer customers to services that maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Their local arborists can diagnose and treat problems to protect your plants and help ensure safety on your property.

To find out more about the Bartlett Tree Experts, their services and program details go to http://www.Bartlett.com/locations/Kenmore-WA.cfm?a. Alternatively, call their local office at 425-481-6529 or in Seattle 206-522-5056 or call Big Trees directly to find out how these programs can help you and your landscape.

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